Interesting facts about the Sun

The sun is the star in our solar system and it’s the sustainer of nature in our planet. The sun is worshipped in many ancient religions as a god and today in some religions .The Solar energy or the sun’s radiation is responsible for the growth of all living things on earth. Without sun there would be no vegetation and without any flora there would be no animals and humans.Here are some interesting facts about the sun.


The sun is takes up more than 99 percent of our solar system. The sun has a mass of 333,000 times the mass of earth .It consists of 73% of hydrogen, 25% of helium and the rest is filled by gases like oxygen,argon etc.

The sun is more than 4 billion years old. The sun is predicted to live for billions of years

The sun could eat up earth. The sun is predicted to grow more larger because of hydrogen fusion , this could cause an increase in size,density and temperature in its outer regions and could destroy earth,Venus and mars.

The sun as god. The sun has been recorded throughout the ancient history and it’s  worshipped in some parts of the world.The ancient Romans called their sun deity as Sol ,the Greeks called it Helios,the Egyptians called it as Ra and Aten and the Hindus call it Surya.The Romans and Hindus considered Sunday as the day of the sun.

The sun is in it’s middle age.Scientists say that the Sun started from ice and dust particles about 4 billion years ago and it’s in it’s middle stage.

One is a billion.The sun is among billions of stars we can see from our planet.

It takes 50 million years for the energy from sun’s core to reach the surface. If the Sun stopped working  today, it would take upto 50 million years for its effects to be felt.Although the time period varies in different estimates. Some say the energy takes nearly 20,000 years to reach the earth’s surface and some estimates put it more than 100 million years.

The sun is a perfect sphere. The sun is the closest thing to a perfect sphere found in our star system.

The sun’s light takes 8.3 minutes to reach earth. If the Sun just disappeared , then no one would  notice it when it happens. After about 8 minutes we would see the light of Sun go away, we can’t feel its gravity.

The sun travels at about 220km/s:The Sun orbits around our  galaxy at a speed of 220 km/s.

Sun’s core temperature is around 13600000 Celsius. Some estimates even puts the temperature more than 15 million celsius.

You’d be really heavy if you walked on the sun.If a person weighing 150 pounds on Earth would weigh about 4,200 pounds on the sun because the sun’s gravity is 28 times that of Earth.

Some people sneeze when looking at the sun. About 33 percent of the human population sneezes when they look straight into the sun.It is called a photic sneeze reflex,it remains unexplained by the science.

Sun cures depression. Several studies show that people who spend more time on sun are less likely to be depressed and are more happy compared to the ones who spend less time  in the sun.

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