41 Interesting facts about Singapore you never knew

Singapore is one of the world’s most densely populated countries. It’s the sixth wealthiest country in the world and one of the smallest countries in the world.Here are some of the most interesting facts about singapore

  1. Singapore is an island country with 63 small islands of which only one is inhabited by majority of the population the rest remains mostly uninhabited.
  2. Singapore is one of the twenty smallest countries in the world, the total land area is only about 425 square miles.
  3. The Unites states is about 15,000 times bigger compared to the total land area of singapore.
  4. Singapore is said to be the most tightly populated country in the world, with 6,430 people per square km.
  5. In the national flag of singapore the colour red represents universal brotherhood and equality of it’s citizens while the colour white represents purity . The crescent moon signifies a young nation on the rise and the five stars signify the ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice for it’s citizens and equality.
  6.  Vanda Miss Joaquim is the national flower of singapore which was first discovered in 1893 by Agnes Joaquim, an Armenian. It is a  hybrid between Vanda teres and Vanda hookeriana.
  7. The half-lion and half-fish beast also known as the Merlion is the symbol of Singapore. The word “Singa” the ancient sumatran word for lion .It resembles the animal the sumatran prince saw when he arrived at the island, and the fish is a tribute to Singapore’s history as  the ancient sea town.
  8. Singlish is the language spoken in singapore, it’s english mixed with languages like  Chinese, Malay and even Tamil.
  9. English is the most widely used language in Singapore, the national anthem of singapore  ‘Majulah Singapura’ is actually sung in Malay.
  10. The world’s largest bat also known as the flying fox, with a wingspan of up to 1500 centimeters is found in one of the islands of Singapore.
  11. Singapore is a stopover point for thousands of migratory birds travelling in path called East Asian Flyway.
  12. The world’s first night zoo, The Night Safari, is staarted in Singapore.
  13. Singapore exports 25% of the ornamental fish exports despite being highly urbanised .
  14. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is a natural wildlife reserve in singapore which contains more species of trees than entire North America.
  15. The highest natural point in Singapore is Bukit Timah Hill, which is 164 metres high.
  16. Buildings in Singapore are not allowed to be higher than 280 metres. The UOB Plaza ,OUB Centre,and Republic Plaza are the three bulidings which are in that height.
  17. The world’s highest man-made waterfall, is located in singapore at the Jurong BirdPark.The water falls from the height of 30 meters.
  18. The largest fountain in the world is located in Singapore at Suntec City.It costed an estimated US$6 million to build in 1997.
  19. The buildings built in Suntec City have been made in the shape of a palm for  good “feng shui”.
  20. In 2003, the Changi Airport of singapore won the award for “Best Airport Worldwide” for the 16th consecutive year from the Business Traveller magazine.
  21. Singapore has the Guinness book record for the longest human domino. It was formed by more than 9000 students, it measured more than 2.6 miles.
  22. The world domino topple record was set in Singapore by a  woman from China.It had 303,621 men forming a huge domino.
  23. The record for the most number of people participating in line dancing was set in Singapore in May 2002 with 11,967 dancers.
  24. The highest grossing movie of all time in Singapore is Titanic.
  25. British pop violinist Vanessa Mae Nicholson was born in Singapore and moved to England when she was four.
  26. More Singaporeans are born in the month of October than any other month of the year.
  27. The first population census in singapore was taken in 1824 , the total population was 10,683.
  28. The 2000 census showed that the population of Singapore is 4.2 million.
  29. Nearly 9 out of 10 Singaporeans live in public housing flats.
  30. The most common Chinese surnames in Singapore are Tan, Lim and Lee.
  31. Singapore has more than 3,000 kilometres of roads. The combines length of the roads can cover the distance from Singapore to Hong Kong.
  32. 8 in 10 people in Singapore own mobile phones.The telecom companies gives out more than 50,000 numbers every month.
  33. Swimmer Ang Peng Siong of singapore took the top place in the 50m Freestyle in 1982.
  34. The Singapore Sling was served first at the Long Bar of the Raffles Hotel in 1915.
  35. You can get a jail sentence or a fine of 10000$  for connecting someone else’s WiFi without their permission.
  36. Chewing gum is banned in Singapore.
  37. All male citizens have to serve army for a period of 2 years when they turn eighteen.
  38. Singapore is the only country on earth whose citizens don’t need a Visa to enter North Korea.
  39. It’s illegal to pee in an elevator in Singapore,Some of the elevators have a urine detection device which can detect urine odors and set off an alarm which makes the doors shut until the police arrive.
  40. If you are caught  littering 3 times, you will have to clean the streets on Sundays with a garment around the neck  saying, “I am a litterer”.
  41. It is illegal to not flush the toilet in Singapore.You will be fined $150 for failing to flush the toilets.

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