23 Interesting facts about lions.

Lions are one of the most ferocious animals in the animal kingdom.They are known as king of the jungle and are found in asia and europe.In ancient cultures lions were mostly a symbol of strength and power.Before 12,000 years back lions were the most widespread animals around the world next to humans.They were classified as a vulnerable species by ICUN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).Here are some of the most interesting facts about lions.


  1. The roar of a full grown lion can be heard from 8000 meters far.
  2. Lions can run at a speed of upto 50 miles per hour.
  3. In the wild, male lions do not live more than 14 years because of the continual conflict with other adult rival male lions which can lead to injuries.
  4. Lions were kept in zoos and captivity since the time of roman empire.
  5. The lion’s closest species of the lion is the jaguar, the snow leopard, the tiger, and the leopard.
  6. African lions are the most social of all the other lion sub-species and they live in groups which consists of about 15-20 lions known as a “pride”.
  7. Female lions do more than 90 percent of the hunting while the males defend the territory.
  8. Female lions reach 70 percent of their maximum size by 2nd year from birth.
  9. The african lion population is said to be between 35,000 to 60,000. The population has been almost cut in half in the past two decades.
  10. Lions and tigers are so closely related in the genetics that if you shaved their fur ,you wouldn’t be able to find any differences.
  11. Lions often hunt large animals like zebra and gnus.
  12. Young lions often practice stalking around three months, although they don’t go to hunting till they are one year old.
  13. Ancient Egyptians kept lions as their war dieties because of their strength, and fierceness.Tamed lions were kept in temples of Sekhmet at Leontopolis.
  14. During the ancient persian Achaemenid Empire,lions have been used  as sculptures, in fire temples, tombs, on jewellery.
  15. Lions are highly social animals ,mostly they communicate through head rubbing and social licking.
  16. The more older the male lion is the darker his mane will be.
  17. On June 2005, a 12 year old girl who was taken away by three men on her way from school. As the girl was screaming for help, three huge lions came to her rescue by  charging over the men and chasing them out.The lions protected the young girl till the police arrived to the location.
  18. A lion starts to roar when they are about 2 years old.
  19. Lions are the only member of the cat family that have a tasseled tail.
  20. Lions will nurse cubs other than their own.
  21. At one time the estimated number of asiatic lions went down to as low as 30. Due to the efforts of the authorities and the Gir National Park, the Asiatic lion has been narrowly saved from extinction.
  22. Aa adult porcupine is known to ward off a pride of lions.
  23. There are more statues of lions than the real number of lions in the world.

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