22 Interesting facts about black bear.

Black bears are one of the most represented animals in storybooks and in the media.In fact during the peak of winnie-the-pooh they became so popular.They are also one of the most largely represented animals in america.Here are some cool facts about black bear.

  1. There are two types of black bear the american black bear and the asian black bear.
  2. Female and male black bears will not stay around each other except when it’s the breeding season.
  3. Bears try to eat whatever they can before winter by taking advantage of abundant food in the last weeks of summer.In fact they eat themselves into unconsciousness for storing carbohydrates and fat for the upcoming winter.
  4. The Bear’s diet consists of grass,fruits,berries and other plants in the summer when plants grow abundantly and they prey on small animals like baby deers, moose and rabbits .In fact they consume dead animals too.
  5. The dead corpse of other animals left by other predators is the most favourite food for the black bears
  6. During winter black bears will spend most of their time in their dens feeding off from the fat they gained up during the previous summer.
  7. After mating female bears chase out male bears to make sure she never sees him again.
  8. Mating for black bears happens in spring but the ability of “delayed implantation” in females allows the egg to be fertilized later.
  9. The gestation for a bear can take for about nine to ten weeks.
  10. Black bears cubs will be born at the time of winter in their dens after the mating period and are ready for the world when spring arrives.
  11. Black bears can run at a top speed of about 45-50 km per hour.
  12. Black bears can be bluish-grey and light brown in colour despite being called black bears.
  13. It is said that more than 50,000 black bears are poached every year.
  14. Despite facts about black bears attacking people ,they rarely attack humans .Black bears may try to ward off any threats by growling and they may attack only when their cubs are threatened.
  15. The full moon in january is sometimes called bear moon because most bears are born during January ¬†after their mating seasonMost black bear cubs are born around January, and January’s full moon is sometimes called the ‘bear moon.’
  16. A black bear’s ear develops twice as fast as the rest of their body.In fact their ears can hear sounds twice as receptive as a human body.
  17. Black bears can see very sharp while they are close and they can see colours unlike many animals.
  18. Black bears will mark the dominance of their area by scratching the trees surrounding it.
  19. During their hibernation phase black bears lose more than 25% of their body mass.
  20. Black Bears love to eat honey, and will gnaw through trees to reach beehives set deep inside of the trunk.
  21. Honey is said to one of the favourite food for black bears and they will bite through trees to reach beehives inside the trunk.
  22. Calvin Coolidge kept a pet black bear when he was a president in the White House.

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