22 Interesting facts about Canada geese

The canada geese are best known among the northern america for their aggressive behaviour and they are considered as pests in many areas.They are able to thrive very well in industrialized areas with humans too.Here are some of the cool facts about the canada geese.

  1. Canada goose is wild species of goose  native to North America.
  2. Canada goose live up to 10 to 24 years in the wild.
  3. They like to breed in Canada and the northern United states in a many varieties of environments.
  4. The migration route of canada geese never change.In fact they use the same route every year.
  5. Canada goose often fly at a V-shaped formation.In fact they may fly at the same formation for thousands of miles at a time.
  6. Both males and females of Canada geese have a black neck and head.
  7. Canada geese usually fly over to south in winter to escape the cold.
  8. Canada geese fly in a v-shaped formation by calling out to each other often.
  9. Canada geese mainly feed on plants and seeds.
  10. During the mating season canada geese lose all their feathers and they are not able to fly until their feathers grow back.
  11. Raccoons and foxes are best known to eat the eggs of canada geese and the young ones often end up being food for hawks and owls.
  12. Adult Canada geese can  make up more than 12 different sounds.
  13. There was a serious decline in the population of canada geese in the early 20th century because of too much hunting.
  14. The giant canada geese a breed from form kentucky went nearly extinct in the early 20th century.
  15. Canada geese are often known to produce a large amount of feces and so in many places they are considered a nuisance.
  16. The female canada goose may lay up to 9 eggs and the male protects them for nearly 28 days till the goslings hatch.
  17. Lawns and open grasslands are one of the most favourite places for canada geese.
  18. Baby canada geese or goslings are able to eat,swim and walk from the moment they are born.
  19. Adult canada geese couples stay and mate with each other for life time.Their mating season always takes place in the spring.
  20. When threatened the canada goose may show signs like opening its bill with its tongue raised,hissing and jiggling its feathers in it’s neck.
  21. Female chooses location and builds nest near the water using the twigs, leaves and moss.
  22. In the US, the canada goose is known to be the second-most bird which can be threatening to airplanes. The big size of the bird can easily damage the engine in mid air.

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