10 Interesting Facts about Global Warming

Global warming is a recent pandemic which has caused a lot of debates around the world.In fact it’s effects of it are felt almost all around the world.Scientific facts are giving more and more evidence about global warming. Let us see some important facts about global warming


Most of the researchers are sure that humans make global warming.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and scientists from more than 190 countries including China,Russia,India,United states and most nations of europe found that global warming that we face today are caused by humans in the last 75 to 200 years.

2000-2015 are the hottest years in the last 1300 years.

In fact in the last sixty years, the temperatures of our planet are very abnormal. This abnormal condition never happened since 1850 until 1950s.

Our Atmosphere saves more than 700 tons of Carbon-dioxide each second.

Gas emission and air pollution from industries and vehicles has made our atmosphere to collect  around 2,646,187,346,106,008.5 kilo grams of Carbon-dioxide. Those Carbon-di-oxide are suspended on the atmosphere since the eighteenth century.

Methane in the atmosphere has increased 2.5 times more than pre-industrial time.

Factually the greenhouse gas levels in earth are higher than 650,000 years ago. Total carbon dioxide present inside the atmosphere is 40 percent more than before the industrialization.

Catastrophic weather caused by Global Warming.

When Earth gets warmer, the ice on both the poles begins to melt. So the average sea levels have risen more than that of the last 3000 years. The other effects of global warming  are hurricanes, cyclones, flooding, sudden climate changes, etc

Global warming is worse each year.

Since 1999, the earth’s temperature is rising 2 to 11 °F every year. The effects are more hurricanes and change in climate around the earth.  Areas which lie low compared to the average height sea level are much more affected by the effects of global warming.

Global Warming will be Global catastrophe after the next 100 years.

After a hundred years if global warming still continues , millions of people will pay a tremendous price for it. They will find it very hard to find fresh water.Diseases,famines will be prevalent through out the world.They won’t be able to get help from other countries

30% of the world’s species are in the risk to be wiped out because of global warming.

Around a million plants and animal species will be wiped out of the history if global temperatures keeps rising for the next 50 years. In fact if this continues most of the living organisms will be wiped off of the planet.

China will pass US as the biggest greenhouse gas supplier in the world.

Although United states is reducing their greenhouse gases, China plans to construct a coal-based electrical power station each week for the next 10 years.

Global warming  can be limited.

If the emission of  greenhouse gases are limited and it can minimize major damage of global warming in the future.Time to stop debating and reading facts about global warming and let’s save our future together.

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