Arctic tern,the longest travelling migratory bird

A small bird Known as arctic tern flies more than twenty thousand miles per a single year.It flies from arctic to the antarctic poles.In fact it is the only bird in the bird which travels such long distance.The bird flies more than 34,000 kilometers which is nearly the circumference of the  earth. Arctic terns spend most of the twenty year life time in flight.

For thousands of years birds have been flying towards warmer areas around the globe and they seem to escape the harsh reality of seasonal changes

Food is also another reason for the migration of birds apart from climate.More than 700 species of bird species that live in the united states are said to fly out of the united states at the time of winter or any other seasons they find undesirable. Seasonal changes can change their food habits like the type of food they get to eat.Most birds fly towards the south but not all of them.

Many species of birds would eat a lot to fill up their fat storage in their bodies before migrating to escape the coming winter , while the rest will fly hungry until they reach their destination and some will move slowly feeding them up along the way.The arctic feathered denizens fly north because of the abundant food available at the arctic and it’s their main breeding land.Some birds can be found flying at a height of more than 30000 feet.Some birds fly at a very high altitude to ease the flight and avoid wasting energy.

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